July 14, 2007

Scarecrow Collection: radio frequency disaster

Some albums are well worth waiting for. Scarecrow Collection (SCC) released their second album radio frequency disaster in April, but due to some transatlantic snafus it took forever to reach the desk of Here comes the flood. OK, rant over. There is no stinker/filler track song among the 13 tracks. The album navigates with ease between genres with a few constants: great keyboards and proud vocals. They have been playing live a couple of hundred times and it shows: the songs sound tight but loose, which is lot easier said than done.

SCC made a record that many an aspiring jam band can only dream to pull off on day. No signs of the dreaded "second album" syndrome - radio frequency disaster is a 101 for what a rocking jam band outfit should stand for in 2007. Catch them live now, so that you can bore your kids with stories about how you saw SCC way back when they were still playing in intimate venues.

Scarecrow Collection:
Joe Fee: drums
Gerard Fee: guitar, vocals
Ed Fritz: keys, vocals
Nick Setteducato: guitar, vocals
Mike Sojkowski: bass

Scarecrow Collection: radio frequency disaster

radio frequency disaster is released on Harmonized Records.

  1. I Won't Leave You There
  2. Grateful
  3. Act That Way
  4. All The Things
  5. Faster
  6. Put You Down
  7. Don't Ever Change
  8. Shadows
  9. Bottle
  10. Shell It Out
  11. Sometimes
  12. Moon Will Always Rise
  13. Muse
Tour dates:
  • 07/17 Rock the Kazbah @ Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk
  • 07/18 Nectar's, Burlington, Vermont
  • 07/19 Bill's Bar, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 07/22 Ridgefield Playhouse (opening for Robert Randolph & the Family Band), Ridgefield, Connecticut
  • 07/25 Nectar's, Burlington, Vermont
  • 07/26 Bill's Bar, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 07/27 Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, New Jersey
  • 07/28 Camp Creek, Mariaville, New York
  • 08/05 Stone Pony (opening for Tea Leaf Green), Asbury Park, New Jersey
  • 08/12 Gathering of the Vibes, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • 08/16 North Star Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 08/17 Rocks Off Boat Cruise, New York, New York
  • 08/18 The Main Pub Manchester, Connecticut
  • 08/24 Phan Phest 3.0, Mariaville, New York

» scarecrowcollection.net
» myspace.com/scarecrowcollection
» archive.org/details/ScarecrowCollection

(Kudos to SCC manager AJ Keirans who kept making the trips to the post office in order to get the disc across the pond and Ace from Hidden Track who acted as an extra liaison)

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