July 06, 2007

Saturna: Some Delicious Enemy

Tons of echo, tons of reverb, enough of it to make a round trip through your skull. No wonder they are called Saturna, a quartet from Portland, Oregon. Their new album Some Delicious Enemy is a slow moving monster, with vicious looking teeth. On the other hand: given time the monster turns out to be friendly. Under all those layers of effects the songs are coming up for air. And when they do it is clear that they are built on reliable structures. The architecture is weird, the framework is rock solid. Saturna are into reverb rock. And they do it a whole lot better than established acts like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But what is it that so many indie American bands try to sing with a British accent? Was there a second invasion and did I miss that? Discuss.

Ryan Carroll: lead vocals, guitar
Eric Block: lead guitars
Matt Badger: drums
Steve Anderson: bass guitar, backup vocals

Saturna - Some Delicious Enemy Tracks:
  1. Roll Down
  2. Fall
  3. Pop Rocks
  4. Blanket Of Stars
  5. Much More
  6. Springboard
  7. Just For Thrills
  8. Leader Of The Western Stars
  9. Chasing The Unpredictable
  10. Periwinkle

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