July 19, 2007

moe.: The Conch

Being a band with a solid live reputation is one thing, being able to cut it in the studio is something else. Formed at the University at Buffalo in 1990 jam band moe. slowly build a following by gigging endlessly. moe. was one the jam bands that raised the cross over flag in the nineties, treating their audiences like kids in a musical candy store. Lots of goodies, not necessarily healthy, but it sure as hell tastes good. Their fans, known as moe.rons spread the word that something special was happening on stage, a blend of southern rock, Zappa-esque keyboards, jazz tinges and - in one case - Swiss yodeling. Their latest studio album The Conch represents all that and more. It is a musical journey through time and grooves.

moe. - The Conch

When the band performs live, a song can last for more than half an hour, often segueing into the next song. And the next. And the next. That doesn't happen in the studio (or if does, it is not released as such), but by adding short interludes between some of the 17 tracks to make smooth transitions if necessary The Conch is a Gesamtkunstwerk (that's German, look it up) with a running time of 74 minutes. That would be one set in a live setting. More about that in a follow-up review of their 3CD live set Warts & All Vol. 5.

moe. are:
Chuck Garvey: vocals, guitar
Rob Derhak: vocals, bass guitar
Vinnie Amico: drums
Al Schnier: guitar, vocals, keyboards, moog
Jim Loughlin: percussion, acoustic guitar

The Conch is released on their own label Fatboy Records.


  1. Blue Jeans Pizza
  2. Lost Along The Way
  3. The Conch
  4. Tailspin
  5. Tubing The River Styx
  6. The Pit
  7. Another One Gone
  8. Wind It Up
  9. Y Eaux Massa
  10. Down Boy
  11. She
  12. Where Does The Time Go
  13. Summer o i
  14. The Road
  15. MacIntyre Range
  16. The Col
  17. Brittle End

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