June 13, 2007

Lisa Doby: Free 2 Be

Lisa Doby came from Carolina to earn a dollar. She found it in Europe where her soulful songs reminded the audience of Dusty Springfield. Dolby has more Gospel than the English leading lady of soul and she writes most of her stuff her self.

Her latest album Free 2 B is good record to wake up to on a sunday morning. It's not a smooth album. Backed by a band that dares to show itself Lisa Doby sings with bravado and confidence. This is not the plastic modern day R&B, this is real. And she's not afraid to touch up the Beatles' classic Eleanor Rigby.

Lisa Doby - Free 2 Be

Free 2 Be is released as a joint effort of Jazzhaus Records and Fiona Music.


  1. Glad
  2. Where R U?
  3. Anything
  4. If Only
  5. Eleanor Rigby
  6. Time
  7. Free 2 Be
  8. Hold On
  9. Forever
  10. Todd's Song

Tour dates:

  • 06/28 Groningen, Oosterpoort (Support Willy DeVille), The Netherlands
  • 06/29 Rijssen, Zaal Lucky (Support Willy DeVille), The Netherlands
  • 07/06 Saint Gilles, Les Nocturne, France
  • 07/08 Montreux, Parc Verneix, Swizerland
  • 07/09 Karlsruhe, Zeltival (Support Willy DeVille), Germany
  • 07/11 Goncourt, Festival, France
  • 07/17 Chambery, Cite d'├ęte, France
  • 08/03 Barr, Festival Clair de Nuit, France
  • 08/05 Barr, Place de l'Hotel de Ville, France
  • 08.07 Strasbourg, Place Gutenberg, France
  • 08/08 Acores, Horta - Semana do Mar Festival, Portugal
  • 08/10 Saint Etienne, Gospel Festival, France
  • 08/12 Epfig, Festival, Place du Village, France
  • 08/14 Barcelona - With Gospel Singers, Spain
  • 11/14 Aschaffenburg, Colossaal, Germany
  • 11/16 Hamburg, Down Town, Germany
  • 11/23 Freiburg, Jazzhaus, Germany

» lisadoby.com
» myspace.com/lisadoby

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