June 20, 2007

city-state: Monument

Washington, DC - de facto political capital of the world. Is there such a thing as a music scene or has rock turned its back in disgust? Nope, plenty of indie bands play the live circuit and a particularly good one is city-state, a quartet that has just released their first full length album called Monument. The band is heavily inspired by UK bands like The Cure and Coldplay. Their guitar sound is a cleaned up version of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Monument is a dark album, leaving the listener with an uncanny feeling that there is something really bad lurking in the shadows. It's the Eighties all over again. Contrary to popular belief some really great music was made back then.

city-state: monument

city-state are:
jim anderson - vocals, guitar
forrest yingling - guitar, keys
daryl marco - bass, keys
joao malhinha - drums, percussion

city-sate are on Liberty Fuse Records.

Live date:

» city-state.net

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