May 13, 2007

John Cale: Valencia 2007/05/11 setlist

John Cale

The setlist of the John Cale show in Valencia:

John Cale
Observatori Festival, Valencia, Spain

  1. Frozen Warnings
  2. Over Her Head
  3. Bufallo Ballet
  4. Paris 1919
  5. Ghost Story
  6. Chinese Envoy
  7. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  8. E is Missing
  9. Ship Of Fools
  10. You Know More Than I Know
  11. Set Me Free
  12. Cable Hogue
  13. Things
  14. Dancing Undercover
  15. Gun
  16. Antartica Starts Here
  17. Hallelujah

Open air show with Joseph Karnes on synthesizer and bass (acoustic and electric) and Dustin Boyer on guitar. "Antartica Starts Here " develops into a 10 minute techno/hardcore jam with a Nina Simone sample from Lilac Wine.

(Thanks: Frederic Somers)

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