May 25, 2007

Jimmy Page: the July, 1977 Guitar Player interview

Jimmy Page
photo: Neil Slozower

Modern Guitars Magazine has reprinted the classic 1977 Jimmy Page interview conducted by Steven Rosen. As a bonus you can listen to the complete unedited thing that was recorded on a small hand-held micro-cassette recorder. Oh yes, The Rosen piece On the Road with Led Zeppelin, covering an 11 day trip with the band, is up too.

Thirty years ago, I spent 11 days on the road with Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page was 33, I was 24, the year was 1977, and the English quartet ruled the world. The band had released Presence, their seventh studio album (discounting the live concert recording, The Song Remains the Same), about a year earlier, and it had become their sixth record in a row to attain the Number One chart position in both the US and the UK. No one could touch them and no one dared try.

» Read the interview
» On the Road with Led Zeppelin

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