May 22, 2007

EMI and the cost of a voiceover ad for John Cale

EMI is sold to private equity for $6.3 billion. So fucking what. EMI is a BIG spender crying about profit losses. Read this post by David Hepworth on his And Another Thing blog:

The other week I got a call from EMI asking me to do a voiceover for a John Cale ad to run on a couple of digital rock stations. I turned up at the appointed time at one of those flash Soho sound studios where there are two leggy girls on reception and they bring you coffee in designer cups. When the rep from EMI turned up - late because for some reason they'd ordered a car to deliver them into the West End during rush hour - it took about two minutes to do the ad. The studio is bound to have put in a four figure bill for their services, on a job that I could have done on my Mac at home.

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