May 05, 2007

Blacktop Mourning: No Regrets

Five guys from Chicago calling themselves Blacktop Mourning are trying to lure the punters with their new album No Regrets, scheduled for release on May 15. Songwriter Max Steger is only 18 and he was brought up on a solid diet of classic rock and blues. It doesn't show in his own songs, which are quite poppy with punk and metal thrown in to make it more tasty.

No doubt they can make high school dances a success, but they have to mature a bit to have a wider appeal. For starters: Steger's lyrics need a bit of work -- there are other subjects than boy-meets-girl and all the good and bad things as a result of that encounter.

Blacktop Mourning are:
Max Steger: Lead Guitar
Joe Levand: Lead Vocals, Bass
Shawn Nystrand: Rhythm Guitar
Greg Gerard: Drums
Nate Wethy: Bass

Blacktop Mourning are on Tyrannosaurus Records.


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