April 19, 2007

Introducing: Give Us the Money Lebowski

The Dude

They are the ultimate bar band: Give Us the Money Lebowski, a side-project with members of the Scarecrow Collection and lots of guests tearing through the classics and jam band favorites. Music that will make you thirsty and get you drunk. No problem, 'cause the band will keep on playing, no matter how much they had to drink. In their own words:

Lebowski is a quintet of musicians that graduated with a doctorate in the study of "bringing it hard, consistently" in the modern day incarnation of this concept. Weaving a vast array of musical genres into one Technicolor tapestry of spelndiforousness that envelopes its loyal underground following all along the Northeast, Lebowski will not only make you dance, smile and laugh, it will also punch you in the stomach, spit on you and steal your wallet....but in a good way.

Yup, their shows are on archive.org. The Dude abides. "Just take it easy, man".

» thelebowskiproject.com
» myspace.com/gustmlebowski
» archive.org/details/GiveUstheMoneyLebowski
» scarecrowcollection.net

(thru: Hidden Track)

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