April 29, 2007

Frank Zappa: "The Making of of 200 Motels" torrent

Yet another Frank Zappa goodie shared through the Zappateers: The Making of of 200 Motels, a VPRO Dutch tv broadcast.

PAL 720 * 576, 25 fps, MPEG2 7000 kbps VBR
Total running time 34:45.

The website http://www.vpro.nl/programma/hollanddoc says (April 2007):
“35 minutes, Roelof Kiers 1971. In 1971 Zappa was working on the motion picture 200 Motels, in London. Roelof Kiers recorded that. It was the first film in the world that was recorded on videotape.”The quality of this version here is excellent; as good as it’s ever going to be I guess. It was broadcast a number of times, late April 2007; on the digital “VPRO Holland DOC” channel. I recorded it on April 25th 2007, starting at 20:50 (take or leave a couple of minutes). It’s partly Dutch, but mostly English with Dutch Subtitles.
From digital cable receiver, analog out to Hard disc recorder (Kiss DP558) recorded in MPEG2 best quality, over local network uploaded to computer, converted VOB to MPEG2 in VIDEOREDO, clipped in Studio saved as DV, recoded to MPEG2 in TMPEGenc masking 6 toplines to get rid of noise along the edge, authored in TMPEGauthor.

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