April 17, 2007

Aaron Schroeder: a fresh stack of demos

Singer/songwriter Aaron Schroeder won't let up. He has posted yet another couple of demo MP3s that might wind up on his second album Black & Gold in 2007. Or his third. Or his fourh.

We got Joe Williams to do the artwork for "Black & Gold". He's worked with John Vanderslice (Barsuk Records) before. It's really going to look amazing. We've also got Ben Barnett from Kind Of Like Spitting (Barsuk Records, Hush Records) to do some vocals on a slow-waltzy number called "Call Out To Me." I've got some great guitar work from a buddy of mine named Jeremy Castillo who's in the Los Angeles based rock band Mighty Six Ninety. Finally, I've got another good friend of mine from the DJ-remix duo Young Americans to sing choir vocals on "The Mississippi Line." All this is in addition to the group who plays guitars, clarinets, tubas, violins, french horn, organ, Moogs, musical saw, harpsichord, harmonicas, etc. etc.

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» myspace.com/aaronschroeder

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