March 28, 2007

The Sheds: You've Got A Light

The Sheds have finished their new album You've Got A Light. You can download it at their website, but if you want to own it on a shiny silver disc you will have to wait a bit. It will be will be presented April 28 in the Southgate House Ballroom, Burlington, Kentucky. Like on its predecessor The Sheds Quite Smoking the two members of the band Chris Haubner and Cameron Cochran play a wide array of instruments. They are exploring the left field niches of rock: All the Right Things sounds like mid-period REM and the off beat Trash Can Jeans is a mash-up of David Byrne, Prince and Tom Waits.

You've Got A Light is a serious contender for this year's self-released albums top 10. Listen to all eight songs and you will not hear any filler track.


HCTF review of The Sheds Quit Smoking

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