March 13, 2007

The Hard Lessons: Wise Up! & Neil Young Tribute

Three former teachers from Michigan dropped out and started a band called The Hard Lessons. They play rock, classic rock, making a lot of noise for such a small line-up. They have two new releases: the 5 track CDEP Wise Up! with original material, and a Neil Young tribute with two versions of Hey Hey My My and a laid back version of Harvest Moon.

The Hard Lessons - Wise Up!

This is the kind a band you hope to find when you are scanning the newspaper for something loud and live. Ko Ko Louise handles the keyboards in an adequate way, but her secret weapon is her voice. She can whisper, she can holler. Guitar Player Augie attacks his six strings like there is no tomorrow, while drummer The Anvil pounds away. You will screaming down you friend's ear that this is a really cool gig and that he should be grateful that you convinced him to come along.


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