March 31, 2007

Introducing: The Bo Weevils

The Bo Weevils are from Liverpool. Now that's a tough city to come from. Quite a few famous bands came from there. You might have heard of them (ask your parents if you don't know what the fuck I'm referring too). But like bands from Liverpool (or anywhere else) at a certain stage in their career matter they want to take the next step: a record deal. The Bo Weevils have enough hooks in their songs to lure the punters. So if you are rich filthy bastard who happens to own record label, drop them a line.

To tell the story of The Bo Weevils we will have to take you way back to the 20th century, when The Weevils home town was nothing but a few houses, a load of muddy fields and a couple of hundred dogs searching the streets for their next meal. Back then the five young Weevils Ste, Andy, Chas, Ian and Gav were just another handful of hopeful musicians looking to start a band of their own and make their imprint on music. Growing up in the same area a few of the lads started jamming together and after a while they started to get the hang of playing their own instruments.

Ste Weevil: vocals, guitars, ukulele, mouth-organ
Gav Richards: vocals, drums
Gary Owens: vocals, guitar, mouth-organ
Andy Holland: vocals, bass Ian Barton: guitar. keyboards


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