March 30, 2007

Frank Zappa: The FZ Primers

Weblog Feed me Good Tunes has a great series: The FZ Primers. Lotsa MP3s for those who are not familiar with the work of Frank Zappa.

So, folks, we finally made it. For the most part, this series arrived on time, except for, oh, the last 3 of 5 [giving me a bad batting average], and, hopefully, for the most part, you all enjoyed it greatly. It's been cathartic to finally sit down and hammer this out, and now I can safely say I've done my musical idol some small modicum of justice in finishing this compilation. Whether you agree or vehemently disagree with my picks, let me know. I want to know what your favourites are, instead of just ramming mine down your throats.

Part #01 | Part #02 | Part #03 | Part #04 | Part #05


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