February 20, 2007

This is Me Smiling

This is Me Smiling is an indie rock band from Chicago. Their homemade self-titled debut will be re-released on March 6 through the Red Ink label, a Sony imprint. The band have high hopes to make it bigger, but this disc contains nothing really special. Lead vocalist Dan Duszynski has a limited range, the kind of voice has barely enough power to reach the back of 500 seat venue. The bands songs are good enough to give up their day jobs and embark on an endless tour on the indie/college circuit. Mostly harmless, the kind of record you pick for a few bucks at a record store clearance sale.

This Is Me Smiling:
Dan Duszynski - Vocals/Guitar
Sheldon Miller - Keys/Vocals
Matt Schuessler - Bass
Adam Kaltenhauser - Drums

» thisismesmiling.net
» myspace.com/thisismesmiling

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