February 07, 2007

John Cale: interview in Uncut about Nico


John Cale is interviewed in the March issue of UK music magazine Uncut about the creation of the Nico albums The Marble Index and Desertshore. Both albums are reissued with out-takes and demo tracks as a double cd The Frozen Borderline 1968-1970.

We tried as best we could to separate the harmonium off from the voice. It didn't work as well as it could on The Marble Index. I just approached it as a piece of compositional exercise, of how to work with independent parts rather than with the core. I would improvise one independent line - usually the viola line - then I would play another line against the first viola line, not against the harmonium or the voice.

» uncut.co.uk

(Thanks: Karen Langley & Gary Fox)

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