January 30, 2007

John Cale: Circus Live update - the DVD contents revealed

The DVD contents for the new live album Circus Live by John Cale:

Electric tracks:

  1. Model Beirut Recital
  2. Sold Motel
  3. Gun
  4. Reading My Mind
  5. Heartbreak Hotel

Acoustic tracks:

  1. Dancing Undercover
  2. You Know More Than I Know
  3. GravelDrive
  4. Chorale
  5. Ghost Story

Extras video:

  • EPK new interview
  • Jumbo In Tha Modernworld Promo Video

Extras audio:

  • Jumbo In Tha Modernworld
  • GravelDrive (Blathamix)
  • Big White Cloud 2007 version

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