January 23, 2007

Eddie Van Halen: resurrection of the "Frankenstrat" guitar

Eddie Van Halen: the Frankenstrat

Another day, another rebuild. This time it's a re-creation of the Eddie Van Halen axe "Frankenstrat".

Eddie Van Halen has teamed up with the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation on a limited-edition signature guitar. Fender has produced a replica of Van Halen's original "Frankenstrat" guitar, which he used on the band's early albums and tours. The re-creation of the red guitar with black and white stripes is exact, down to the aging on the neck, the cigarette burns, the damage to the body, the use of a 1971 quarter under the bridge, the single volume knob that actually says "tone," and the second pickup and the selector switch that don't work, just as they didn't on the original. Buyers will also get an aged case for the guitar, which is the first in an expected line of EVH guitars, amplifiers, and musical products.

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