January 19, 2007

Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity

Deerhoof is a band that tries to sound unlike any other band. And they have succeeded. Their new album Friend Opportunity is a journey into bleeps, radio friendly tunes and off kilter backing tracks. +81 starts like a military brassband, wanders off to vintage New Wave guitar riffs, and then sounds like a poppy sixties single with a chorus that goes "Choo Choo Choo Choo Beep Beep". In three words: what the fuck? But it's irresistible. Maybe it's the vocals of Satomi Matsuzaki, who single-handedly makes up for all the Yoko Ono's on this planet.

Friend Opportunity is a bold statement. It takes only 36 minutes to claim a top spot in the indie music world. About as long as an LP, with the last track Look Away taking up almost a third. A meandering song building up up slowly and taking a firm grip, especially if you listen to it through headphones. It's only January, but Deerhoof will make the top ten of many an open minded music lover.

Deerhoof are on Kill Rock Stars. Release date: January 23.

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