January 24, 2007

12 questions for Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

JamBase asked Pete Townshend 12 questions. Was The Who the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World?

We were pretty intense about our playing, and about performing. We all adored show business for its own sake, too. We liked stunts, tricks, gimmicks, ideas and special effects. But, deep down I think a lot of our power may have come from frustrated anger – a sense of impotence. Other artists didn't seem to share this in quite the way we did. Our music was quite vengeful in a way. The uplifting subtext came from a mixture of humour and a genuine belief that music could set us all free. It seems trite - and I think we knew that if music could do anything at all it would do it only for a short period - but that is what we believed. So, we were truly passionate.

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