December 20, 2006

Warren Haynes: Backstage Pass interview

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes knows how to play guitar. And he can talk about it, too. Listen to him play and read the interview in the Gibson Backstage Pass Holiday Double Issue 2006:

Slide guitar is emulating blues harmonica, and blues harmonica is emulating the human voice. So once again it goes back to the vocal. When I discovered slide, it was a whole 'nother way of expressing yourself, because you could slide into the note and out of the note in a way that you couldn’t really do even bending strings on guitar, and you definitely couldn’t do on piano. So slide guitar had an even more vocal-like quality in some ways. When singers sing, they don’t attack the note head-on. Maybe in opera music or something. But blues singers and soul singers slide into the notes and out of the notes and it makes it much more vulnerable I think. So slide guitar achieves that.


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