December 21, 2006

Scarecrow Collection 2006 live sampler giveaway

Three free Scarecrow Collection 2006 Samplers on shiny CD-r with ├╝bercollectible handwritten lettering housed in an almost white envelop are looking for a new home. Eight crispy soundboard recordings with original material and a couple of well played cover tunes. They have just signed a record deal with Harmonized Records and they will release their second studio album april 17, 2007 on that label.

Want a free sampler? Drop me a line with you addy at (do not include the obvious) with "Free Scarecrow Collection" in the subject line.

This offer closes on december 31 23:59 GMT (+1). Three winners will be picked at random. All is not lost if you don't win, ask for some samplers here:

Send an e-mail to with your name and address. We'll send you out a package including our newest sampler, LIVE '06 which features four of the songs that will appear on the new album. We will include one for you and several more for your friends. We ask that if you like it you just pass on the savings to your friends and spread the word to them about the band.


  1. Grateful - 05.13.06
  2. Faster - 04.07.06
  3. Texas - 04.07.06
  4. Before You Accuse Me - 04.07.06
  5. Shell It Out - 5.27.06
  6. I Won't Leave You There - 04.07.06
  7. Ragged Man - 03.25.06
  8. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - 03.25.06


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