November 27, 2006

Phish in Europe torrents: 1997/07/05 Cernobbio (remastered)


1997/07/05 (remastered)
Piazza Risorgimento, Cernobbio (Como), Italy

OK people I decided to bust out this classic summer 97 Europe show, performed for free in an Italian Piazza! Those were the days eh? So, why the "remaster" you ask? Well, when doing the transfer I wasn't totally happy with the sound of the recording. Everything is nice and clean and clear, and the levels are perfect, occasionally hitting 0db, but it seemed to lack that additional oomph in the low end, that phat punch that can make a live tape really sweet. So I decided to try using the WAVLAB effect "Puncher" on this show and see how it sounded, and it came out really nice. The Puncher effect does basically what it sounds like it would do, which is fatten up the bottom end and add some punch to the lows and low-mids. The bass sounds much fuller and the drums have more impact. Anyway download it and see for yourself! I think this is a definite upgrade from from the "unpunched" version that is already out there.

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