November 01, 2006

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos

Listening to a lot of music has a down side. When you hear something new, you tend to compare it with the other stuff you heard over the years. But every now and then you hear something fresh and new.

The double live album Okonokos by My Morning Jacket is a such an album. There is a concept behind the whole thing -- lots of trees on stage, but if you choose to ignore that, you have over two hours of great live music. It flows, it bubbles with the falsetto of vocalist Jim James surfing on top of the wave. This is by no means a calm sea, evil surges are a plenty and make you sit up and listen. And listen again. Buy this, better buy an extra copy for your friend and spread the word. This is the best live release of 2006.

The band also released a live DVD of the whole thing. Marc Brickman, the lightning designer of Pink Floyd, lend a hand.

Okonokos is available as a 2-CD / 4-LP. Released on ATO | RCA Records


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