November 25, 2006

Introducing: Big Meat

Big Meat is an American funky jamband from Pomfret, CT. The actual playing is pretty good, but they could use some solid advice about their vocal capabilities. What do they sound like?

A relentless effort on stage and off reaches out with an experienced exploratory philosophy in the form of raw funk, rock ‘n roll, trance, disco, jazz, and bluegrass with occasional Latin and classical tinges. Yet, in one simple phrase, the signature sound that originates from four close friends can only be described as improvisational Rock n’ Roll.

They have a lot of live gigs lined up. Go see them if you want a good night out for a handful of dollars.

Big Meat are:
Dan Griffith (Gree) - Guitar and Vocals
Kevin Rees (Wolfman) - Guitar and Vocals
Ryan Marks (Pun) - Bass and Vocals
Geoff Leonard (Mick) - Drums and Vocals


(Thanks: Triple-B)

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