November 21, 2006

Collecting Led Zeppelin might fuck up your relationship with your loved one

Led Zeppelin

Collecting live music is a serious matter. It may fuck up your relationship.

Led Zeppelin
"Live On Blueberry Hill Part I & II"
Inglewood Forum. LA, CA, USA

I was fortunate enough to have attended this show. I still have many Vinyl's from this date including the "TMOQ" & "RUBBER DUBBER" labels and also nearly every CD release. This was the first CD from this show that I bought but obviously not the last. Just the knock-offs from this release that I purchased include : Pyramid, Triangle, Living Legend, Black Panther, and Seagull. Obsessive compulsive behavior was on my first wife's list of grievances ranking # 1 with a bullet. She felt that I should have bought her a "Summer Villa in the South of France" instead of those horrible LED ZEPPELIN BOOTLEGS, so I ditched the greedy bitch.

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