October 31, 2006

The Jack Stafford Foundation: Long Live Love

Jack Stafford is an English singer/songwriter who lives in Amsterdam. He made a great album called Exes in 2004, but he is happy man now. His second release is called Long Live Love, celebrating his relationship with Jasmine Wynants, who is a singer/songwriter too. And so the one-man band The Jack Stafford Foundation is now a duo in all but name.

Most love albums tend to be ...well ... boring, but Stafford and Wynants have stepped clear of the pitfalls and made an album that will endure a bit longer than the first months of being head over heels in love.

The album will be presented with a special performance at De Melkweg in Amsterdam, November 9. Tickets are only 10 EUR. The release date is set for November 13.

Long Live Love is a The Indepent Record Company release and will be distributed through Lowlands in Belgium and The Netherlands.

» jackstaffordfoundation.com
» myspace.com/thejackstaffordfoundation

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