October 19, 2006

can joann: hurt people hurt people

can joann - hurt people hurt people

How does it feel to be in an Indie band in Chapel Hill, NC, USA? What do you think? Will it make you feel miserable wanting you to take it out on unsuspecting strangers? can joann named their self released album hurt people hurt people, so ... The four members have a bleak outlook on life, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In half an hour can joann takes you to a trust-funded poverty parade, picks up a thicker skin along the way and discusses the possibillity of dying on the vine (no, not a John Cale cover).

Yes, I like it a lot. Just skip the intro which seems to consists of a bit of rehearsal noodling that made it onto the album by mistake.

can joann are:
Andrew Bernish
Joel Peck
Michel Barba
Ryan Benjamin

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» canjoann.com
» myspace.com/canjoann

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