August 30, 2006

Lou Reed: "Berlin" live

Cheer up. Lou Reed takes his Berlin album on the road.

Recorded in 1973, Lou Reed’s Berlin was the unexpected, critically panned, follow-up 'concept album' to his popular hit record, Transformer. Although it became a cult favorite and was reissued, Berlin was never performed live. Until now! Arts at St. Ann’s, the Sydney Festival, and UCLA Live! have joined forces to present a theatrically realized concert version of Reed’s stylized rock paean to life outside the circle, the orchestrations filled with the lyrics of the broken hearted and willfully disabled...the drifting tormented addicts of love formalizing their own downfalls in the outskirts of the divided city. From Beerhalle staccato to the embers of a final Sad Song...this is an evening to press between the crumbling leaves of Fall.

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