August 06, 2006

Alex Machacek: [sic]

Alex Machacek - [sic]

A guy with a guitar and Terry Bozio on drums - well on two and a half tracks. You can't go wrong with that. Well, actually you can. Alex Machacek has the talent to come up with a catchy tune, but his latest album [sic] is an uneven collection. The Zappa-esque licks in Djon Don are really good and Bozzio comes up with a handful of adequate fills he remembers from his playing with the moustached maestro. On the other hand Indian Girl (Meets Austrian Boy) features the kind of vocalist that gave fusion it's bad name. Singer Sumitra Nanjundan carefully picks all the boring notes from her limited range.

Alex Machacek should, like Neil Young once said, hit for the ditch. Whenever he enters the mainstream, he loses focus, which is a shame because he is quite capable of exploring the twists and turns that lead off the beaten track.

[sic] is available on AbstractLogix.


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