August 31, 2006

Aaron Schroeder: Southern Heart In Western Skin

Aaron Schroeder: Southern Heart In Western Skin

Aaron Schroeder is only 23, knows his way around an acoustic guitar and has released a debut album called Southern Heart In Western Skin. It sounds pretty good, considering the obviously tight budget on which the album was made. The production a bit short on the low end, but as it holds up against many a million dollar Americana album. Aaromn Schroeder assembled a competent group of musicians. The lap steel and cello sound warm like they should.

Aaron Schroeder, who wrote all the songs, is a bit of bookworm. It shows in his lyrics, which are often adaptations of folk tales. Will he hit the big time like, oh well, might as well mention Sufjan here. I don't think so, but his album will be appreciated by each indie music lover. He has the skills, he has the words, and there is always an audience for a singer/songwriter who can come up with lines like this in Santa Ana:

Punk rock, fals start
What happened to your heart
You threw it into the water
To come back up from the bottom

Glued in, spiked hair
Yeah we played shows with no one there
And the ghosts were always clapping
The sound guy always laughing

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