May 23, 2006

The Presidents Of The United States Of America: Paradiso webcast

The Presidents Of The United States Of America performance at the Paradiso in Amsterdam tomorrow night will be webcast through

Presidents Of The United States Of America
Webcast 2006/05/24
Starts: 8:30 PM local time (GMT +1)

This trio kicks ass, and they allow taping:

We have tried to develop a taping policy that allows each person to take home a personal memory of the show. We feel that each show is unique and want to extend the ability to our fans to recreate the live experience long after the show ends.
You may bring a hand-held Walkman-type AUDIO recorder to our shows for personal use. If the equipment is too sophisticated, it'll be considered bootlegging gear and will not be allowed. We don't have a specific list of recorders or gear that's allowed, so please use your good judgment and common sense. OK are Walkman-type, hand-held recorders: cassette, micro-cassette, mini-disc are fine.


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