April 19, 2006

The Exit: Home For An Island

Ah, the power trio - bass, guitar and drums. The classic line-up that goes back a long way. Can you say Cream, Hendrix, or more recently The Police and Gov't Mule? The Exit hail form Queens, New York, and they got what it takes to become a great power trio indeed. Their album Home For An Island has the chords, the funk, a touch of reggae and dub ,and lyrics that have something to say. The Exit are an angry outfit. Oh, they are able to come up with love songs that bite, but their main stay is writing about contempary America: something is very rotten indeed in post 9/11 Dubya land.

Home For An Island is a well-produced CD. The rhythm section is up front. You won't need headphones to figure out the bass lines. It's loud, even when you don't turn up the volume (but please do - it's sounds even better then). The threesome have a lot of live experience, having performed hundreds of gigs. There are not a lot of notes, but they make sure that each note counts. You just know that they could play a lot of notes if they were so inclined, but hey, less is more is a good idea when you are performing in this format. Remember: power is what makes a real good power trio.

He walks slowly with a bounce that's in time,
he likes to find all the things you try to hide,
he's got a couple dishes in a couple places,
he's got a scar, so you can't hardly mistake him,
but, how much further can you get climbing the same old stairs?
(From: Back to the Rebels)

The Exit:
Ben Brewer: guitar, vocals
Jeff DaRosa: bass, vocals
Gunnar: drums, vocals

Home For An Island is released on Wind-up Records.

Live dates:

  • 4/19/2006 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
  • 4/20/2006 Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
  • 4/22/2006 VK, Brussels, Belgium
  • 4/24/2006 Metro, London, England
  • 4/25/2006 Dublin Castle, London, England
  • 4/26/2006 La Fleche d'Or, Paris, France

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