March 18, 2006

Neil Young: please write about Iraq

Neil Young

Tin soldiers and Dubya coming?

Is another "Ohio" in Neil Young's future? The idea was broached on Thursday, March 16th during a South By Southwest music festival keynote Q&A with Young and Jonathan Demme, the Oscar-winning director of Young's new concert film Heart Of Gold. After recalling how Youngs "Ohio" helped changed public attitudes towards the Vietnam War in 1970, South By Southwest co-founder Roland Swenson looked backstage and said "Mr. Young, if you can hear me back there, we need another song," a reference to the current U.S. military action in Iraq. In response, Young told the audience, "I write totally out of the air. I really am, more than anything, a reflection of what I see. (Swenson) was trying to give me some input a few minutes ago. I hope it takes hold."

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