October 05, 2005

John Cale: Mojo reviews blackAcetate

John Cale

English music magazine Mojo has a rather nice review (and short interview) about blackAcetate, the new John Cale album. Check out the November issue:

Few musicians these days under-promise and over-deliver. But by choosing to present his latest work as a return to conventional guitar rock, John Cale has ensured that listeners will be beguiled, baffled, and moved.
The surprises keep coming from the very first song, Outta The Bag, where the Welshman's warm, avuncular baritone is forsaken for a slightly bizarre falsetto, delivered over a squelchy, spare funk backing. The shock hardly diminishes as song after song rockets off at another tangent, contributing to an album that on first impression is confusing, intermittently thrilling and, yes, plain bonkers. Repeated listening reveals this collection studded with gems, wilfully eclectic, but with a strange kind of consistency.

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(thanks: Ziggy)

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