September 22, 2005

Iggy Pop: A Million In Prizes - The Anthology

Glide Magazine reviews the Anthology of our favorite wild man of rock Iggy Pop. Nothing new for hardcore Pop lovers, sloppy mastering, but hey, it's a best of ... Better buy the real (expanded) albums, they are not that expensive nowadays.

It’s funny how time forgives. Iggy Pop was once considered too vial for even commercial radio. Now his music has been used in commercials for Carnival Cruises and the man himself has appeared in Gap spots. While long-time fans might have been disgusted by Iggy’s wiliness to sell out, it made him more famous than he ever was prior.
(...)While the material selected is thoroughgoing, there are a couple of issues with this set. Most significantly, is the lack of attention to remastering, as the volume from track to track fluctuates terribly. If you’re a fan of The Stooges, you would be better off buying the two newly reissued discs as only one song from Fun House made the cut.

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