May 29, 2005

Louie Louie: a tribute to Lou Reed

Angel Corpus Christi
Louie Louie 12 songs by for and about Lou Reed
(Gulcher 601)

  1. Louie Louie
  2. Caroline Says II
  3. Tell It To Your Heart
  4. She's My Best Friend
  5. Disco Mystic
  6. Banging On My Drum
  7. I Want To Boogie With You/Je T'aime
  8. Lou Reed's Hair
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. Rock And Roll Heart
  11. The Day John Kennedy Died
  12. I'm Set Free

Performed by Angel Corpus Christi and Rich Stim, with Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, Sonic Boom, George Earth, Matt Price, Don Ciccone and Luther Blue.
Produced by Dave Nelson, A&R and Sonic Boom.


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