March 15, 2005

Heavy duty torrent tool

This is cool. Capice?

The intent behind TorrentSpy is to give the BitTorrent power-user all the information they can get in one place. The primary motivating feature is the ability to see in real time the current number of complete/incomplete users on a torrent. The other neat feature is the ability to see which of your files in a multi-file torrent are complete and which are not. It can easily be set up to work as the default .torrent application, so that you will always know the status before you start your download. It gives you quick shortcuts to related Tracker web interfaces, and it's got a smattering of other fine features.
TorrentSpy is not meant to replace the normal BitTorrent client, only to supplement it. It will never have integrated downloading or anything remotely like that.

» TorrentSpy

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