January 23, 2005

easytree.org gets personal

easytree.org shut down on April 6, 2005

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Back in business as dimeadozen.org.

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easytree.org gets personal to insure that nobody else fucks with your ratio on ongoing torrents.

easytree.org has a new method for associating peers on torrents with usernames. There are no more anonymous peers listed only by their IP addresses. Every participant in a swarm must be recognized by the tracker as a known user.
We now have personalized .torrent files. Every user has a 128-bit binary keycode. When you download a .torrent file, or when you click the link to it to open it directly, the site will serve you a special version with your keycode built in. When you connect to a swarm, the tracker recognizes you by the personalized .torrent file you use.
We no longer depend on matching the IP address of a peer announcement with the IP address of a recent web page request, and that's especially good news for AOL users. You do not have to stay logged into the web site, nor do you have to refresh a web page before announcing just to get the right username into the peer list and correct accounting for your transfers.

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