December 05, 2004

We've got a bigger Phish to fry (3)

The original torrent for Phish - 1993-12-30 in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround was killed on, but a reseed by Kevin Larsen is up right now.

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* DISCLAIMER * --> DTS 5.1 is a lossy (3:1 compression) format. Please be aware of this when downloading and sharing this music. But certainly do NOT let this fact automatically discourage you from letting your own ears be the judge as to whether or not this seed needs to be spread; I believe you would be robbing yourself of a potentially fantastic audio experience by doing so. The demand for this remix is clearly there, and I am enjoying listening to this mix so much that I feel an obligation to help others grab the complete torrent as well. For those who can see past the lossy/lossess debate and just want to check out what a surround sound matrix mix sounds like, be my guest and do have at it! It's quite fun. So, with that said...

When I first saw this source from - a true DTS 5.1 Digital Surround mix that can be recorded to a regular CD-R and played back on a CD player with a digital link to a surround amplifier/decoder - I was unsure if this could sound much different than a standard SBD+AUD matrix mix. But, luckily I decided to download it anyway and was fortunate enough to get the complete torrent before it was taken down.

Apparently some controversy erupted regarding this (IMHO, _amazing_) source and as a result the initial torrent was killed. See for a little more info and a quick synopsis. Or just check out the etree forums.

After making my CD-R's and playing them back on my surround stereo in DTS 5.1, I must admit that this is one of the finest non-commercial live Phish recordings I have ever heard! Thank you Dan @ American Digital, your fine mixing work is greatly appreciated! People with surround receivers, CHECK THIS ONE OUT!

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