December 27, 2004

Forever (Neil) Young

Neil Young

Neil Young - A Perfect Echo, vol. 5, disc 9 & 10 is available for download. A great compilation to blast on New Years Eve.

This is a new volume for the well known compilation "A Perfect Echo" which was compiled by Braden in 2001/2002 and made available in early 2002. Meanwhile this compilation is considered as one of the basics for every collection and is well known among all friends of the music of Neil Young.
Now Vol.5 is available, including Soundboard recordings from the years 1970-1999 (Disc 9) and from 2002-2003 (Disc 10)
Some of the earlier soundboards were "discovered" only recently and consequently Disc 9 is the result.
Disc 10 includes tracks from shows which took place after the original Perfect Echo was finished.
Meanwhile even more shows are available in sbd quality (Bonnaroo 2003...), so let's hope for another volume in the future.

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