November 29, 2004

We've got a bigger Phish to fry (1)

The shows keep sounding better everyday. Or they would have, until the seeder pulled the plug.

Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME
December 30, 1993
DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Update (2004/12/05): click here for a reseed of this torrent.
Explanation by Kevin Larsen.

Cool, huh. Well, the audio phreakz had a big slinging match which ended on a low note so far:

I think it is bullshit to work tirelessly on these things for weeks only to get cheap shots from nameless, faceless losers. This torrent is dead. Everyone can thank A-Train for being an A-hole.

The guy who started the torrent wrote a few short hours before this:

Listen Marmar or A-Train, these 5.1 mixes are a big move forward, dumbass. A step backward? Yeah right. After you finished explain how "of course these sound better" you say a step backwards? Wake up. Multichannel is doing to stereo what stereo did to mono. Period.

First. What DVD-A do you have to offer my complaining friend? Put your ass on the line and offer up something that you spent 6 weeks making.

Second. Taking these 16 bit 44.1 recordings in DTS and DVD-A would be fucking identical. Case closed. When DTS is decoded it isn't chopping off huge portions of the spectrum like MP3. To even say MP3 and DTS in comparison is a misleading bunch of junk. Specs don't tell you what sounds better, your ears do.

Also, how is this compressed as comparied to the 2 channel of this show? They are the same size!! Nice compression scheme that doesn't shrink anything. Yes, yes, more channels. But it is also encoded and then decoded.

If I had 24 bit recordings or some old analog reels, then okay. I know Elton John's Yellow Brick Road SACD sounds better than this. I also know this DTS 5.1 sounds better than anything else I have on CD. AGAIN, PERIOD! It also sounds better than half of the DVD-A and SACD I have (not the Elton John, that one is sick).

So Marmar/A-train, buck up or shut up. Show us what you got or slither away. Around here we think it is unfair to criticize unless you offer up something for us to scrutinize. To shout complaints from the back row is cowardly and lame.

Was I too harsh here? If so I am sorry. Most of this is said totally tongue in cheek. The rest is just being a bit defensive. Should I handle criticism better? Probably. The comments should be accurate though.

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