October 08, 2004

Big bad bass: Barry Newton

Get down with Barry Newton.

Kiss the Frog's 'weapon of mass destruction' (lovingly dubbed Newtron), continually redefines the role of 'bassist' with each and every endeavor he pursues. Barry has performed with a who's who of 20th century musical giants including The Scorpions, John Cage, Yes, Paul McCartney, Leonard Bernstein, Elton John and many more. Barry's own personal vision lies firmly within avant-rock soundscape electronica, a slippery intersection of robotic nanotechnology and the visceral psychedelic thunder of Hendrix and Lesh. With bass, laptop and loopers in hand, Barry conjures the nether reaches of quantum mathematics, sub-atomic interstellar travel, earth-shifting seismic shakedowns and hypnotic atmospheric drones... sometimes within a single phrase.

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