August 31, 2004

Roger Glover about young fans

Roger Glover'

Roger Glover in The Highway Star:

(...) I look at the crowd and pick out people, you can't help that. It's accident, or something draws you to someone or whatever and you acknowledge them. These two girls down the front were just so into it and I went "hey, how are you doing", threw a pick their way once in a while. Much later, when we were leaving the building, they were waiting in the cold outside. They were 14 or 15 years old. You couldn't tell that from the stage, you just saw a face.
They wanted an autograph and stuff like that. So I gave them an autograph and I said, "why are you here? You are girls for a start", traditionally we're a male-oriented band. "And also, you are young. Why?" And they said, "because you play, we like to see people play." That was illuminating. There is a backlash, I don't know how big it will be, but certainly there is a hard rock revival feeling in the air. I read a big article in the Financial Times the other weekend which mentioned us once along with Led Zeppelin once but lots of mentions for The Darkness and Iron Maiden.

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