June 17, 2004

Bam Thwok - the brand new Pixies single

Here comes your song ...

(..) with no warning whatsoever, the Pixies released a brand new song. And it was penned by Kim Deal, whose songwriting credits with the band consisted of only two co-writes with Frank Black: Doolittle's second-to-last track, "Silver", and Surfer Rosa's blissful "Gigantic", one of the group's finest moments. Though Deal has earned a rep as a great (if spotty) songwriter in her own right with The Breeders since the Pixies' dissolution, it seems an odd return, and why they've chosen this track in particular is open to speculation: Maybe it's the most fully formed song they've recorded and they just wanted to get something out as quickly as possible; Maybe it's an appeasement, as one of the band's original alleged contentions was Black's refusal to record many of Deal's songs; Or maybe after giving it a shot, they were just damn proud of it and wanted to share it with us.

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