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The complete idiot's guide to getting free stuff

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Need exposure?
Of course you do. What's the use of making brilliant music and not telling the world about it?
You know what? A review on Here Comes The Flood is a good starting point for your future world domination.
HCTF One Sheet
HCTF One Sheet
Facts, figures and such. For free! Get one while supplies last.

You, budding music blogger, wants to learn something. Me, big time music blogger, will teach you.

How to get free stuff
People have been bugging me about how to get CD's and such. For free, that is. Here's how you get started:

Just ask.

Seriously. Contact the band, the record label, the PR people, their parents. Be polite though. And let them know you actually received the free stuff. With a direct link to your post. Some relevant links in your post would be nice.

After a while a steady flow of albums, singles and stuff will find their way to your office. Artists start contacting you, PR honchos start banging on your virtual door. This is when bad music and overrated music will try to gain entrance to your house. Deal with it. And learn to say "No, thanks". HCTF get dozens of review requests every single day. Hundreds per week and ... well, you do the math.

Sending me free stuff
Consult Submitting your music for a HCTF review: the complete idiot's guide to sending me free stuff.

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