December 02, 2022

Johnny Dowd: Sorry

Johnny Dowd shows some regret for an undisclosed fuck-up on his part on his new single, Sorry, a lo-fi alt-country excursion that will be loved by the fans of his early '90s recordings. Sometimes all you need is a mike, a guitar, and some cheap recording gear to make it work.

William William Rodgers: Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers

William William Rodgers

English folk singer-songwriter William William Rodgers channels to the sound of the early '70 US West Coast pop on his new EP, Four Nights at the Hotel Rodgers. He added melancholy and humour, and ended up with four gentle songs about the "condition humaine", wherein people are trying to make it work,or at least make sense of it all.

Booze, breakups, red tape, and other stumbling blocks getting in the way of living a happy life are covered in lush, orchestral arrangements, as to soften the blow of realizing that it all might be futile.

Steven Wilson on Rick Beato: The Modern Rock Producer

Steven Wilson is interviewed by Rick Beato about producing and remixing classic albums. It is all about listening. And listening again. Also: being the worst musician in the room and recording the Govan Guthrie's guitar solo for Regret #9 - without an E-string! - for his Hand. Cannot. Erase. album.


December 01, 2022

Johnny Dowd: "Fire and Dust" & "Is Heaven Real?" live videos

Watch Johnny Dowd perform two new songs @ Tubby's in Kingston, NY - October 26, 2022: Fire and Dust and IIs Heaven Real?. With Michael Edmondson on guitar and his sister Jif Dowd on drums.


HCTF review of Porchfest Live Show.

John Cale: shows @ Primavera Sound in Barcelona & Madrid

John Cale will perform at both Spanish locations of next year's Primavera Sound Festival in Spain: June 3 @ Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona and June 10 @ Argande del Rey in Madrid.

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