July 05, 2024

HCTF premiere - Scott Collins: Shittin' Tears

Watch Scott Collins tear through Shittin' Tears. It was recorded live with The Slutz, proving that a bit of distortion goes a long way when in need for an extra layer of oomph for a slow, menacing blues explosion. No, it is not all glitzy polished country in Nashville. Dig a little deeper and you might run into this versatile guitarist player up a storm, either as a solo artist, as half of the duo The Smoking Flowers (with his wife, Kim) and or as the resident guitar hero for Justin and The Cosmics.

Scott Collins: vocals, guitar
Christoper Lord Byrd: synth
Brother James Barbee: drums
Steven Cooper: guitar
Gordon Persha: bass

The studio version can be found on his Purple Pain album, his long overdue debut release as a solo artist.

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